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Space, Shape, Flow: Viewpoints & Composition Workshop

This workshop develops improvisation, movement and composition skills through exercises based on the Viewpoints method. It gives participants tools for developing a larger movement vocabulary, for working with others in improvisations, and for creating original compositions. We will engage in different exercises that will benefit collaborative work and awareness of a shared space. Shape: your body is constantly making a shape Space: acknowledge where you are in space and time Flow: connect to kinesthetic response – allow your body to respond to outside stimuli Viewpoints is a system that allows us to name the elements that constitute a performance in an easy and accessible way. By shifting our focus, we start to perceive and name what is already there – space, time, shape. This experiential process provides us with tools to then produce performances that make conscious use of its constitutive elements. This workshop is suitable for all levels, regardless of previous experience with performance. It’s a workshop for actors, dancers, dramaturges, theatermakers, performers, directors, visual artists, choreographers, and anyone else who has an interest in performing arts. Limited spaces available, register at . Cost: 3,000-6,000 HUF sliding scale

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