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Contemporary Dance in Practice
The classes lead the student through mixed techniques coming from modern and contemporary dance and somatic practices.  Learning and experimenting with fundamental movement principles, the students expand their repertoire of possibilities while building an autonomous and investigative approach to moving.  



Introduction to Performance
(or how to tie your shoes)

Combining embodied practice and theoretical research, this workshop delivers the basics of performance studies, through texts, video clips, and physical exercises. It aims to give a rudimentary understanding of performance studies, highlighting key theoretical issues within the field and discussing what elements are necessary to create a live performance.



Presence, Improvisation & Composition 
This workshop develops improvisation, movement and composition skills through exercises based on the Viewpoints method. 
It gives participants tools for developing a larger movement vocabulary, for working with others in improvisations, and for creating original compositions

An essential part of our work is creating opportunities to share knowledge and build community. We helped to start the Still Untitled Project, a non-heirarchical collective that conducts research on performance. We currently offer weekly contemporary dance classes and periodically give workshops on performance. 

Still Untitled 

Still Untitled is a project that creates space for continuing education outside of an institution. It offers a horizontal model of learning and a place for the exchange of ideas, where creative projects can take root.


At the moment, Still Untitled exists as a single chapter based in Budapest, organized around the topic of contemporary performance. There are weekly sessions that are open to all. 


To find out more, visit our blog

You don't need a visa to like the color blue 

A working group with the MMSZK (Advanced College of the Fine Arts University in Budapest). It investigates the intersections between performance, migration and gender. We use performance to tap into these urgent social topics, to increase our understanding and formulate artistic strategies.

Radical Sloth

Performance as Self-Care


Movement cleaning 
Taking care of each other and ourselves 
Performance training meets self-care. 


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