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AVOEC is a space that we create when we are together. It can also welcome others. It’s a space of acceptance of what is, trusting the process which starts from there. It will often take the form of a performance but it can also be a workshop, a text or other kind of interaction.

We make work together to be able to question. 

We approach gender critically. 

We drink symbols, myths, and archetypes. 

We embrace chance, improvisation and failure. 

AVOEC is a non-judgmental, non-hierarchical space for moving, creating, and being together. 

It embraces the grey, the in-between, the unknown, the spectacular, and the sensitivity of starting where you are.  


AVOEC is the collaboration between Luiza Moraes and Lori Baldwin.

Currently, Luiza is based in Budapest while Lori is based in Berlin.

We explore new possibilities of collaboration across geographic distance.

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